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Green Patchouli - Eau de toilette (50 ml)

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Green Patchouli - Eau de toilette (50 ml)


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Fresh, aromatic and bracing


A classic steeped in freshness. The triumphant, unmistakable wild sweetness of Patchouli espouses the green notes of Basil. Initially fresh and bracing, it has balsamic middle notes enveloped in juicy Vanilla and Amber sensations. The base notes give the Patchouli free rein to float and make a distinctive, lasting impact on the skin that is full of sensory allure. A real classic that will add a dash of engaging elegance to all desirable gentlemen.


Actions:  Fragrance

Directions for use: spray it behind the ears and on the wrists.

Scent: TOP NOTES: Lemon, Basil, and Pink Peppercorn Jungle EssenceTM. MIDDLE NOTES: Lavandin, Iris, and Coffee Jungle EssenceTM. BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Patchouli, and Amber Woods.

Suggestions:  For people who love green, aromatic fragrances.

Texture: Liquid

Application Area: Body