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Multi-Use Sanitizing Spray - Sanitizer - with 80% ethyl alcohol (100 ml)

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Multi-Use Sanitising Spray - Sanitiser - with 80% ethyl alcohol (100 ml)


Product Code: 169177


This practical multi-use spray has been formulated to sanitise small surfaces and items. It is ideal for quickly cleaning keys, handles, lift buttons, shopping carts and gym equipment. It begins to work just a few seconds after it is sprayed directly onto the area to be sanitised and then evaporates quickly without leaving any streaks. Its glycerine content makes it hydrating and emollient, therefore it can be used on your hands should the need arise. It contains 80% Ethyl Alcohol


Actions: Detergent and sanitising 

Directions for use: spray the product onto small surfaces and items whenever necessary. 

Scent: None. 

Suggestions: For anyone who wants a practical spray to clean and sanitise surfaces quickly.

Characteristics: with 80% ethyl alcohol  

Texture: Liquid