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After shave balm with precious wood extracts (75 ml) - silky

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Black Amber - After shave balm with precious wood extracts (75 ml) - silky


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This balm alleviates the stress caused by shaving, providing your skin with an instant sensation of softness and tonifying wellbeing. Its special formula, delicate and easy to absorb, contains a cocktail of plant extracts, including Argan oil and precious wood extracts. Its fragrance first offers fizzy notes, recalling the sparkling aroma of Sicilian citrus fruit, and leaves an echo of warm, amber notes behind... For moisturised, silky skin and a highly seductive scent after every shave. 

Hair/Skin: For all skin types.
Actions: Soothing and protective.
Direction for use: After shaving, rub the product into the face until fully absorbed.
Scent: TOP NOTES: lemon, mandarin, crunchy apple and pepper. MIDDLE NOTES: sea notes, lavender, pink pepper, watermelon and birch leaves. BASE NOTES: caramel notes, precious woods, patchouli and musk.
Suggestions: For everyone with sensitive skin who wants an aftershave that not only smells great, but also softens and protects the skin.
Characteristic: Lotion with a vanishing texture that is quick to absorb and leaves the skin feeling soft and velvety rather than oily. Formula enriched with ebony and mahogany extracts and Argan oil.
Texture: Liquid gel lotion
Application Area: Face