Floral Hand Cream Pack
    Floral Hand Cream Pack Product code: 176807 Our most romantic hand creams, in an elegant gift pack everyone will love! Rosa – Hand cream with Rosebud water (75 ml) Inviting, fragrant nourishment for the hands, enriched with Rosebud water, excellent for combating dryness and dehydration. The sweet Rose Petal fragrance offers a heady sensation of
    9.99 30.00
    Dead Sea Scrub Glove Gift Set
    Dead Sea Scrub Glove Gift Set Product code: 176791 Body lotion and scrub glove: a winning gift idea for wellness and fitness fans! Dead Sea – Daily toning body lotion – with Dead Sea Salts (200 ml) – moisturizing The fresh, marine notes of the fragrance combine with the impressive properties of the Dead Sea
    19.99 38.00
    Make up Pochette
    Make up Pochette Product code: 163594 Your must have make up kit for an impeccable look! Contains: 1 x No Transfer foundation natural colour (20ml) 1 x Mascara Extra Volume Black 1 x Velvet Pochette 15cm x 10cm
    8.99 19.99
    Vaniglia Nera Gift Box
    Vaniglia Nera Gift Box Product code: 176813 Bath and shower gel and body lotion in an original decorative box…for a gift packed with sophistication and well-being! Vaniglia Nera – Bath and shower gel with Vanilla extract (400 ml) Its soft, gentle foam delicately cleanses the skin, leaving behind a sumptuous, sophisticated fragrance. An ode to
    23.99 45.00
    Oli Del Benessere Velvet Vanity Case
    Oli Del Benessere Velvet Vanity Case Product code: 176801 All the engaging harmony of our Oli del Benessere range, in an elegant vanity case, for a splendidly, sweetly relaxing gift. Oli del Benessere – Oil shower gel – for a bright, happy glow – with 5 extraordinary oils (400 ml) – all skin types –
    38.99 65.00
    Karité Christmas Mug
    Karité Christmas Mug Product code: 176789 Appealing combination of a Mug and a Hand cream… a winning choice for a surprising gift!   This gift set contains: Karitè d’Africa – Hand cream – nourishing and protective – with Shea Butter (30 ml) – normal or dry skin Super-nourishing treatment for the hands to soften and
    15.99 24.00
    Petali Di Vaniglia Gift Pack
    Petali Di Vaniglia Gift Pack Product code: 176793 Our softest, most fragrant Body lotion, in an elegant gift pack with a velvet pochette!   This gift set includes: Petali di Vaniglia – Body lotion with Vanilla extract (200 ml) Inviting body treatment, soft as a soufflé on the skin, for a velvety-soft sensation reminiscent of
    16.99 36.00
    Nero D’ambra with Socks
    Nero D’ambra with Socks Product code: 176825 With a fashion gift for him, this is the perfect combination. Nero d’Ambra – Shampoo and shower gel with Fine Wood extracts (200ml) Practical 2 in 1 product for the skin and hair. The enchantingly fresh, heady fragrance recalls the vibrant accords of Sicilian citrus fruit, warming the
    15.99 29.00


    Christmas Hand Cream Collection Van
    Christmas Hand Cream Collection Van Product code: 176779 A selection of hand creams with exclusive fragrances, for a gift sure to keep everyone happy! Nuvola di Latte – Hand cream with Icing Sugar and Milk Cream notes (30 ml) Zenzero Vellutato – Hand cream with Pomegranate and Red Ginger notes (30 ml) Fiaba in Rosa
    12.99 25.00
    Christmas House
    Christmas House Product code: 176764 A Christmas house filled with fragrant gifts… Bath and shower gel, hand cream and lip balm stick – something the whole family will love! Nuvola di Latte – Bath and shower gel with Icing Sugar and Milk Cream notes (100 ml) Enchantingly sweet, with an inviting, delicate bouquet, it conjures
    20.99 45.00
    Fiaba In Rosa Special Box
    Fiaba In Rosa Special Box Product code: 176778 A fairy-tale gift that will make romantic souls happy! This gift set includes: Fiaba in Rosa – Bath and shower gel with Rose Petal and Vanilla notes (250 ml) Magical and inviting, with a sophisticated fragrance that conveys all the charm of the festive season, caressing the
    29.99 56.00
    Fiocchi di Vaniglia – Scented Candle
    Fiocchi di Vaniglia – Scented Candle Product code: 175485 Its enveloping fragrance with notes of Vanilla spreads an inebriating party atmosphere in the air!   An elegant, scented candle in a refined glass jar, characterized by a warm and enveloping fragrance, in which the inviting sweetness of Vanilla reigns. Perfume the house and spread an
    15.99 30.00
    Zenzero Vellutato Gift Box
    Zenzero Vellutato Gift Box Product code: 176773 For a fabulous gift: body butter, hand cream, lip balm stick, scented water and fragrant bath and shower gel with Pomegranate and Red Ginger notes, plus an original bracelet with a dedication, all in an elegant gift box! This gift set contains: Zenzero Vellutato – Bath and shower
    39.99 73.00
    hey Meraviglia! – Face palette with coffee oil
    hey Meraviglia! – Face palette with coffee oil Product code: 175661 A palette with 3 make-up essentials: bronzing powder, blush and brightener. The formulas, enriched with Coffee oil, are characterised by an ultra fine powder with excellent yield and by the light, silky sensation on your skin. Use the bronzing powder to sculpt your face
    15.99 30.00


On the 300-hectare Tenuta Massaini estate, we grow grapes, olives and oats, extracts from which are used to create the three lines they take their name from.

About Bottega Verde Malta

Bottega Verde believes in authentic, natural beauty, where the focus is on the teachings of Nature. Harmony, Balance and Wellness are the starting point of every Bottega Verde product formula. As supporters of Natural Beauty, we put the teachings of Nature first. The use of more than 300 natural active ingredients creates a perfect balance between Science and Nature to make sure that you are surrounded by the essence of natural beauty. Our cosmetics meet any beauty need. Engage your senses in our unique and extraordinarily effective products, which has made Bottega Verde the number 1 in Italy and growing worldwide.

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