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Bottega Verde believes in authentic, natural beauty, where the focus is on the teachings of Nature. Harmony, Balance and Wellness are the starting point of every Bottega Verde product formula. As supporters of Natural Beauty, we put the teachings of Nature first. The use of more than 300 natural active ingredients creates a perfect balance between Science and Nature to make sure that you are surrounded by the essence of natural beauty. Our cosmetics meet any beauty need.  Engage your senses in our unique and extraordinarily effective products, which has made Bottega Verde the number 1 in Italy and growing worldwide.


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Fontana delle Muse - Eau de toilette (50 ml)

Fontana delle Muse - Eau de toilette (50 ml)   Product Code: 136957     The atmosphere is always delightful near the fountain of the muses. The blue Tuscan skies reflect magical shadows on the placid water, the red flowers in the beds glisten with dew and a fresh, light wind blows. Here and there, delicious, sugary notes emanate from the fruit that is still warm from the sun&r...

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Vinyl Effect Ultra Gloss - with Peach Extract and Vitamin E

Vinyl Effect Ultra Gloss - with Peach Extract and Vitamin E     Product Code: 136371 – cameo pink 136369 – capricious pink 136370 – cyclamen 136373 – hibiscus 136372 – marsala 136367 – natural pink 136368 – nude pink 136374 – papaya 136377 – passion red 136375 – pop pink 136378 – ruby 136376 – vinyl r...

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Passion - eau de toilette (50 ml)

Passion - eau de toilette (50 ml) An overwhelming kaleidoscope that embodies emotions on the skin   Product Code: 155175 Strong and overwhelming as a wind that takes away everything, impossible to resist, in vain to restrain, is passion, powerful and impetuous, sweet and tantalizing, immense and satisfying ... let yourself be lulled by its flashes, experience its nuances, immerse your...

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Love - eau de toilette (50 ml)

Love - eau de toilette (50 ml) Dressed in happiness and savour all the nuances of love.   Product Code: 155177   A smile, a look, two eyes that meet, the sweetness, a hug, the caresses, the kisses ... it is love, passionate and romantic, dispenser of peace and serenity, reassuring distillate of sweet accords, where the Rose of May announces the beautiful season and the flowers of ...

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Emozioni Floreali - Eau de toilette (50 ml)

Emozioni Floreali - Eau de toilette (50 ml)    Product Code: 161989 Sophisticated and romantic... a symphony created to bring out every woman’s natural sweetness. After a debut of delicate White Honey and Citrus accords, it reveals a velvety heart of Freesia and Honeysuckle and dissipates in an echo of pure seduction, with the warm notes of spices and oriental woods. A true h...

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Argan Medium Box Gift Set

Argan Medium Box Gift Set An exquisite Argan gift.   Product Code:163099 The gift box includes: Argan del Marocco - Hand cream - Nourishing and protective - With Argan oil (75 ml) - Normal or dry skin A rich and soft cream with a warm and enveloping fragrance, which offers instant relief for even the driest and most dehydrated hands, instantly making them soft and silky and helping t...

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Black Vanilla Metal box gift set

Black Vanilla Metal box gift set   The rare Vaniglia Nera essence in this case is as exquisite as your gifts   Product Code: 163124  The gift box is composed by: Vaniglia Nera - Bath and Shower Foam with Vanilla Extract (400 ml)Its light and delicate lather cleanses gently leaving skin with a luscious and elegant fragrance. A hymn to femininity bursting with all the sensuali...

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