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Argan Soft Christmas

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Argan Soft Christmas


A cuddly and fashionable gift to remember.


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The package consists of:


Moroccan Argan - Hand cream with desert jasmine extract and nourishing regenerating argan oil (75 ml)

Gives immediate relief to dry and dehydrated hands and preserves their natural beauty by protecting them. Contains Argan oil, with a powerful protective, moisturizing, nourishing and emollient action and Jasmine extract, particularly indicated for the treatment of dry and dehydrated skin.


Moroccan Argan - Body cream with nourishing regenerating Argan oil (200 ml)

Rich and inviting body treatment that gives nourishment and protection to the skin making it immediately soft. The special formula, enriched with oil and Argan butter with a known nourishing and regenerating activity, satisfies even the most dry and stressed skin ... for a well-being of velvety softness that lasts a long time!


Neck warmer: exterior 100 acrylic fibre - inside 100% polyester euro 13.99


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