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Maxi Argan Beauty Case

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Maxi Argan Beauty Case


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A great gift containing argan in its finest form! A wonderful way to say "I love you!"

The gift box includes:

Moroccan Argan - Lip balm with regenerating, nourishing Argan oil
Protects the lips and keeps them feeling softer for longer, thanks to Argan oil, a miraculous and precious beauty elixir, packed with vitamins E, A and F. For a constantly young-looking smile!

Moroccan Argan - Hand cream with regenerating and nourishing Argan oil and Desert Jasmine extract (75 ml)
Immediate relief to even the driest, most dehydrated hands, protecting them to keep them looking young. Contains Argan oil with a strong protective, hydrating, softening and replenishing action, and extract of Jasmine, which is especially recommended to treat dry, dehydrated skin.

Argan del Marocco - Nourishing Bath and Shower foam with Argan and Desert Jasmine extract (400 ml)
Ideal for a nourishing bath that brings silky softness to all skin types. A derivative of Argan oil provides an intensive softening and replenishing action. Jasmine extract is excellent for dry, dehydrated skin.

Argan del Marocco - Body Cream with Revitalising and Nourishing Argan Oil (200 ml)
A rich and inviting treatment for the body that nourishes and protects the skin, providing an immediate feeling of softness. The special formula, enriched with argan oil and butter, renowned for their nourishing and revitalising properties, can satisfy even the driest and most stressed skin¿ for a long-lasting feeling of wellbeing and velvety softness!

Moroccan Argan - Refreshing parfum deodorant with Argan (125 ml)
Its sweet fragrance covers the skin with warm, intoxicating notes, for instant freshness and a lasting feel-good effect. The mild formula is enriched with Argan extract!

Moroccan Argan - argan oil - regenerating and nourishing (30 ml)
Argan Oil, or ¿Desert gold¿, is a precious and rare beauty secret which for centuries has been closely guarded by Berber women. Rich in Vitamins E, A and F, it combats free radicals and acts as an antioxidant, while offering valuable moisturising, softening, nourishing, protective and anti-wrinkle action. It is ideal for application to the face, hair, nails and neglected areas of the body.

Argan - the fragrance (50 ml)
The delightful fragrance of our ¿Argan del Marocco¿ range can now be found in a spellbinding eau de toilette! In a symphony worthy of One Thousand and One Nights, the sweetness of summer fruits is magnificently combined with the delicate notes of white flowers and amber, with a burst of the enveloping, warm sensuality of vanilla, Oriental wood and musk. Live and inspire dreams!

Multi-purpose beauty case