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Hydrating face cream with Venere Rice extract and rice bran oil (50 ml) - antioxidant and protective.

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Riso Venere - Hydrating face cream with Venere Rice extract and rice bran oil (50 ml) - antioxidant and protective.



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Venere Rice is the only product of its type in the world, created in Vercelli, Italy in 1997 by the SA.PI.SE (Sardinian Piedmontese Seeds) Research Centre , which crossed an Asian variety of black rice, provided by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), the most important body for the conservation of rice varieties in the world, with its headquarters in the Philippines, and a variety of rice native to the plains of the Po Valley. This was no simple undertaking, as the climate of northern Italy is not ideal for the plant to take root, but now their efforts have been rewarded. Today this particular variety of rice is grown predominantly in the provinces of Vercelli and Novara. Recognisable by its dark colour, Venere Rice is especially rich in proteins and minerals, and has a valuable antioxidant effect. To exploit the benefits of Venere Rice as much as possible, we have created a range dedicated to all women that love to entrust their beauty to the extraordinary power of nature. All the products in the range are free from silicones, colouring additives and parabens, and boast a high percentage of plant derivatives and rice derivatives, including, most notably, organic Piedmont Venere Rice extract, rice bran oil, rice bran wax, gamma-oryzanol and rice starch.

A hydrating treatment, made with a special cocktail of active ingredients from plants and rice derivatives, including most notably gamma-oryzanol, organic Piedmont Venere Rice extract, and rice bran oil and wax. It is rich in polyphenols and minerals, and has soothing properties. The result is the perfect formula for giving your skin back everything it needs to retain a young and fresh look. From the very first uses, wrinkles and signs of tiredness will be reduced, your face will seem brighter and firmer, and your skin will be softer and silkier.

Free from parabens, silicones and colouring additives.
Made with a high percentage of plant derivatives.

Hair/Skin: For all skin types.
Actions: Anti-ageing, hydrating and protective.
Direction for use: After washing in the morning and evening, apply to the face and neck and rub in until completely absorbed.
Scent: TOP NOTES: orange, lemon and sweet almond. MIDDLE NOTES: rose, cherry blossom, heliotrope and rice flour. BOTTOM NOTES: sandalwood, vetiver and mosses.
Suggestions: For everyone who wants nourished, silky skin.
Characteristic: A cream with a high percentage of plant derivatives - free from parabens, silicones and colour additives.
Texture: Cream in a pot.
Application Area: Face and neck.